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Hi, My name is Antony and I am passionate about fitness, I have been working as a personal trainer for years and my goal is to help you reach your fitness goals. I started working as a personal trainer, I then decided to start my own company & a YouTube channel where share my knowledge with people all around the world! 

Disclaimer My workout videos are for entertainment purposes only. Before engaging in any type of physical activity, get a clearance from your doctor if you've been injured and if you are a healthy individual, perform a risk-assessment questionnaire called ParQ+. For any further assistance, consult with a Certified Personal Trainer! If you try any of those videos, you agree to try them at your own risks. and assume all risks. I also understand that physical activity may cause injury. Antony will not be responsible or liable for any injuries or harm caused by performing this video.

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🔴LIVE : 15 MIN Full Body Workout / Full Body Toning - No Equipment

10 MIN Sweaty HIIT Workout, Burn Lots Of Calories - Get Fit With Antony

3 MIN a day is all you need for a flat stomach- Do this daily 👌⬇️

15 MIN Daily Full Body Stretch For Flexibility, Cool Down & Relaxation

🔴LIVE : INTENSE 10 MIN GLUTE BRIDGE WORKOUT - Grow Your Glutes / No Equipment

🔴LIVE : 10 MIN FULL BODY PILATES / Advanced - No Equipment